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Parents & Tots


This is open to all Parents & Tots every Thursday from 10am - 12pm

You don't need to sit at home on your own, but join with others where your child can play safely with others while you drink coffee, eat scones and chat with others.


Call 90239572 & ask for Paula

Morning Playgroup


Filled with activity & fun and so much learning.. The children are never bored, but remain active throughout the morning, from expressive art, to learning colours and words and numbers to active play with toys & bikes


September - June each year 

Butterfly Club


An afternoon of active fun for children with "special needs", in a safe and friendly environment


Butterfly Club is run in partnership with Social Services. Most of the children are brought directly from school and are picked up at the end of the day 

Parents Support


No need to vegetate at home! Come and join with others in Personal Development and Life Skills Training, besides more physical activities such as Boxercise and the odd visit to the Belfast Activity Centre for some amazing outdoor challenges including the famous "Leap of Faith" 

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